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Add to Cart Add. The Poor Old Liberal Arts. The Spirit of the Liturgy -- Commemorative Edition. Turning Towards the Lord 2nd edition. What is surprising now is that they did not rise up and cry out to Heaven out against the appalling destruction being visited on the Church by the Modernist Reformers operating through the liturgy.

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They largely held their counsel until it was too late! Even today, the hesitant,near pathetic attempts to re-sanctify the Novus Ordo do little if anything to stop the decline of belief and the steady seepage away, particularly of the young. Like Waugh, I trust I will never apostatize, but it does go on, and is rather trying!

Personally, I think John XX, because of his naivety and lack of judgement, has a lot to answer for! For anyone who did not live through the pre and post Vat II years it is hard to comprehend what happened at that time. In retrospect it seemed as if it all happened at once — a change of tsunami proportions. The upheaval in the Church paralleled the upheaval in society that took hold in the s.

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Paul preached, the caritas that looked outward towards others. Rather it was self-love.


It was all about me and getting what I wanted. But I think it also had much to do with the way in which the priestly role had come to be viewed. Recommended to all who are interested in what happened to the liturgy after the Council, this revised and expanded edition contains a valuable selection of primary source material, including further extracts from the letters of Evelyn Waugh and the writings of Cardinal Heenan. The changes are not so great as they are made to appear. Heenan to Waugh, Every attendance at Mass leaves me without comfort or edification.

I shall never, pray God, apostatize but church going is now a bitter trial. Waugh to Heenan,